Parent & Child Aquatics


The American Red Cross Parent & Child Aquatics courses offered at the Cumming Aquatic Center are designed to help young children become comfortable in and around the water so that when the time comes, they are ready to learn how to swim.  These courses are not designed to teach children to become good swimmers or even to survive in water on their own.  They are intended to lay the foundation for future aquatic skills, to prepare the child for Preschool Aquatics courses.  While these courses are designed to be FUN for both the parent/guardian and the child, one of the most valuable benefits of Parent & Child Aquatics is that it teaches parents about water safety and how to safely handle their children in and around the water.  Parent & Child Aquatics classes require an adult to accompany their child in the water during the entire class (it can be a different adult from one lesson to the next, i.e., mom, dad, grandma).  The Aquatic Center also requires all children under the age of 4 years to wear a swim diaper while in the pool.

Beginning in January 2016, we will be offering TWO levels of Parent and Child Aquatics classes.  The class descriptions, prerequisites, and skills reviewed in each level are included in the chart below:


Level Exit Skills

Parent & Child Aquatics

(6 months – 3 years)


This level is designed to familiarize children between the ages of 6 months & 3 years with the water and teach them swimming readiness skills.  This level will provide safety information for parents and teach techniques that parents can use to orient their children to the water.

There are no skills prerequisites.  A parent/guardian must accompany the child in the water for each class.


  • Demonstrate various hold/support techniques
  • Demonstrate cueing with child
  • Explore getting wet with toys, kicking, games
  • Blowing bubbles on surface & with mouth/nose submerged, with support
  • Demonstrate water entry from a seated position, rolling over & sliding in, stepping or jumping in, using ramp
  • Demonstrate exiting the water from the side of the pool, ramp, ladder
  • Open eyes are retrieve objects below the surface & submerged, with support


  • Underwater exploration, with support, with support
  • Submerge mouth, nose and eye, with support or independently
  • Front & back glides, with support
  • Rolling from back to front and front to back floats, with support
  • Passing from instructor to parent
  • Various Water Safety topics will be discussed (Click here to view Longfellow’s Whale Tales safety topics)
  • Front & back floats, with support
  • Demonstrate/explore alternating or simultaneous arm & leg action on front & back, with assistance
  • Combined arm & leg action on front with breathing & on back, with support