Whether you’re looking for swim instruction, aquatic exercise, or basic lifesaving skills/training, the Cumming Aquatic Center has a class for you. We offer year-round swim lessons, water exercise, and Red Cross classes that enable you to take advantage of the many aquatic environments around Cumming. Swim lessons are offered to everyone ranging from preschool age to adults. The Aquatic Center also hosts the Infant Swimming Resource program, where highly-trained ISR instructors teach young children important self-rescue skills.

Our water exercise classes are also tailored to your needs, whether you are looking for a great aerobic workout or a session of aquatic therapy.  Classes range from the afternoon Power Aqua and AquaZumba classes to morning Arthritis classes with a certified Arthritis Foundation instructor, so you can find the speed that fits you.

The Aquatic Center is the place to look for periodic American Red Cross lifesaving classes.  Throughout the year we offer base-level Lifeguarding and CPR classes, certifications which are necessary for most recreational and neighborhood pools.  We will also be hosting a few Instructor Certification classes for Water Safety and Lifeguard instructors.

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Swim Lessons

Group Exercise

Silver Sneakers

Swim and Dive Teams

Infant Swimming Resource

American Red Cross Classes