We offer two types of adult group swim lessons, depending on the skill level of the participants.  Beginner swimmers should start in the Basics class. This includes anyone who has not mastered the basic crawl strokes. Swimmers that can make forward progress using at least the crawl strokes should start in the Stroke Development class.  This includes fitness swimmers as well as those that need to improve existing strokes.

All Adult classes are 45 minutes long.  Sessions vary between 6 and 9 lessons.  Participants must be 13+ years of age.

How Do I Know Which Level to Register For?

Adult Basics:  I am a beginner looking forward to learning fundamental skills of swimming, as well as swimming the basic strokes independently.

Adult Stroke Development:  I am comfortable swimming 25 yards independently.  I need to work on stroke refinement, endurance, flip turns, and diving from the diving block in the Competition Pool.

For a complete list of exit skills for both Adult levels, please scroll down to view the skill charts.  


                     Exit Skills                                   
Adult Swim – Learning the Basics
(Ages 13 & up)
In this level, basic aquatic skills and swimming strokes are introduced, including front crawl, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke. Successful completion of this level is equivalent to successful completion of Learn to Swim Level 3.  There is no prerequisite to this level with the exception of having a willingness to learn!
  • Enter water by jumping in, fully recover and return to the side
  • Roll from front to back & back to front
  • Change from vertical to horizontal position on front & back, in deep water, and then swim to the side
  • Tread water, 1 minute
  • Front glide, 5 body lengths
  • Back glide, 2 body lengths
  • Front float, 30 seconds,
  • Back float, 1 minute
  • Front crawl, 15 yards
  • Breaststroke, 15 yards
  • Scissor kick, 15 yards
  • Jump in to deep water, recover at surface, tread for 1 minute, swim front crawl or elementary backstroke 25 yards, exit water
  • Push off in a streamlined position, front crawl 15 yards, change position / direction, elementary backstroke 15 yards
Adult Swim – Improving Skills & Swimming Strokes
(Ages 13 & up)
Participants in this level will work to improve proficiency in basic aquatic skills and the 6 basic swimming skills.  Successful completion of this level is equivalent to successful completion of Learn to Swim Level 5.  
  • Tread water, 5 minutes
  • Tread water, legs only, 2 minutes
  • Front crawl, 50 yards
  • Breaststroke, 50 yards
  • Butterfly, 25 yards
  • Elementary backstroke, 50 yards
  • Back crawl, 25 yards
  • Sidestroke, 25 yards
  • Front crawl open turn
  • Back crawl open turn
  • Front flip turn
  • Backstroke flip turn
  • Front crawl 50 yards, change direction using an efficient turn, elementary backstroke 50 yards using an efficient turn
  • Breaststroke 50 yards, change direction using open turn, back crawl 25 yards, backstroke open turn
  • Submerge underwater, swim 5 body lengths, return to surface, exit the water